How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

How long do car batteries last? Generally, cars require a new battery after three to four years on the roads and highways near Riverside. Keep in mind that this interval can vary from car to car. It’s important to know the signs of a dying car battery, so you can get your Nissan vehicle to our service center for attention. Plus, a dead car battery can ruin your entire day. Below, you’ll learn more about the average vehicle battery life, as well as the signs you need a car battery change. 

Average Vehicle Battery Life 

Talk to different drivers in the Redlands area, and you’re likely to get different answers. Some drivers may suggest waiting five or six years to change a car battery. Others may suggest waiting as little as one to two years. In general, scheduling a battery change every three to four years is a good way to avoid issues. 

Like oil changes, tire service, and brake service, car battery replacement is a crucial part of routine vehicle maintenance. Having your battery inspected is part of regular service visits, even if it’s still working properly. Additionally, there are a lot of factors that can negatively affect battery life. 

Factors That Can Shorten Battery Life 

Over time, driving habits and location can shorten car battery life, resulting in the need for battery changes before three or four years: 

  • Driving Habits: If you don’t drive much, and tend to leave your vehicle sitting for long periods of time, you could be weakening your car’s battery. During your commute, try taking the longer scenic route, so your car’s battery has more time to charge. Also, make sure you don’t leave the power on when the ignition is off. Leaving an interior light on overnight can easily drain the battery. 
  • Climate & Location: Driving in a hot climate year-round will weaken your battery more than if you drive in a cooler climate. 

What Are the Signs Your Car Battery Is Low? 

If you don’t know the signs of a failing car battery, you probably won’t notice there’s a problem until your car doesn’t start. Here are the signs to look for: 

  • Check engine light is on 
  • The engine is slow to start 
  • Car lights are dim
  • Electric issues (cell phone charger, heated seats, etc. aren’t working) 
  • The connectors for the battery are corroded 
  • The battery case looks warped or misshapen 

The most obvious sign that your battery is nearing the end of its life is its age. If your car battery is approaching three years old, you’ll want to visit us for a battery load test to make sure it’s still working properly. 

Schedule a Car Battery Change at Nissan of San Bernardino! 

At Nissan of San Bernardino, we’re proud to offer expert battery service for Nissan owners from Ontario and beyond. Now that you know the answer to the question, “How long do car batteries last,” you can start planning ahead for your next car battery service. Contact our service center online or by phone at (951) 410-8226 to learn more about our battery services and current service offers in San Bernardino!

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